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Vinicius and Ramos scored, Real Madrid easily defeated Mallorca and continued to lead the league standings. Casemiro was absent, Zidane unexpectedly "borrowed troops" from the front line to help the midfielder, Real Madrid maintained the offensive and defensive balance through the efficient output of the two wings, and achieved good tactical effects.


The strength of Mallorca was originally not enough to pose a big threat to Real Madrid, but the first round of the two sides subverted the perception of the outside world. Eight months ago, Real Madrid won their first league defeat in Majorca of the season. In that game, Zidane carried out a relatively large rotation, and the "B team" players generally performed poorly. After this battle, Ronaldo missed the league starter, and Odriosola was loaned out in the subsequent winter window. Jovic, Vinicius and Militan were all "refrigerated" for a period of time. The unsuccessful 442/ The 4222 trial was also forced to terminate.

马洛卡的实力原本不足以对皇马构成重大威胁,但双方的第一轮比亚愽app竞猜平台赛颠覆了外界的认知。八个月前,皇家马德里在本赛季的马略卡岛赢得了首场联赛冠军。在那场比赛中,齐达内进行了相对较大的轮换,“ B队”球员的表现普遍较差。在这场战斗之后,罗纳尔多错过了联赛首发,奥德里奥索拉在随后的冬季窗口被借出。 Jovic,Vinicius和Militan都被“冷藏”了一段时间。失败的442/4222试验也被迫终止。

Affected by injuries and suspensions, and after a certain range of rotations, Real Madrid's starting lineup for this campaign has undergone major changes from the game against Real Sociedad a few days ago. Zidane presented a 4411/424 system similar to when he was a guest in Mallorca. The stubborn French tried to get up from where he fell. Modric & F. Valverde formed a double defensive midfielder, Vinicius, Hazard, Benzema and Bell lined up, Real Madrid's elite strikers are all out.

受受伤和悬架的影响,经过一定范围的轮换后,几天前皇家马德里队的首发阵容发生了与皇家社会的比赛发生的重大变化。齐达内介绍的4411/424系统类似于他在马略卡岛时的客人。固执的法国人试图从他跌倒的地方站起来。 Modric&F. Valverde组成了双重防守型中场球员,Vinicius,Hazard,Benzema和Bell列队,皇马的精英前锋全力以赴。

Real Madrid's formation seems to focus on the "two ends", Vicente Moreno chose to seize the midfield, Mallorca's 3421 formation actually has six midfielders. Casemiro's absence has a great impact on Real Madrid, which allows Mallorca to see hope for the ball.

皇马的阵型似乎着眼于“两端”,维森特·莫雷诺选择抓住中场,马洛卡的3421阵型实际上有六名中场。 Casemiro的缺席对皇马产生了重大影响,这使马洛卡看到了希望。

Kenei Kubo, Dani Rodriguez and the two midfielders were in a box position, aiming at a relatively empty area in the Real Madrid system. Moreno’s prediction is reasonable, but not comprehensive: Real Madrid has heavy troops on the wing, Mallorca’s wings are difficult to expand, and the three-back/five-back style of play has lost its vitality; Real Madrid looks There are only two midfielders, but considering that Hazard and Benzema can use the ball like an attacking midfielder, Bell and Vinicius on the flanks are very mobile. Real Madrid can also put together six people in the midfield. In the game in this area, they are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Kenei Kubo,Dani Rodriguez和两名中场球员处于禁区,目的是在皇家马德里体系中一个亚愽app竞猜平台相对空白的区域。莫雷诺的预测是合理的,但并不全面:皇家马德里的侧翼有庞大的部队,马略卡岛的侧翼很难扩张,三后卫/五后卫的打法已经失去了活力。皇家马德里看起来只有两名中场球员,但是考虑到哈扎德和本泽马可以像进攻中场一样使用球,贝尔和维尼修斯的侧翼移动性非常好。皇马也可以在中场放6个人。在这个领域的游戏中,他们在数量上处于劣势。

Since the rematch, Real Madrid has had less rest time than its opponents in almost every round. It has accumulated more than 100 hours, and the team's physical state has reached a critical point. Considering that he will face the Spaniards who are fighting hard for relegation at the weekend, Zidane has formulated a tactic of grabbing the start for this campaign, hoping to kill the game as soon as possible to save energy. An offensive system composed of four forwards and two midfielders with strong propulsion ability, and using the home court advantage to crush the opponent is the ideal plan to achieve this goal.


Modric, Carvajal and Bale are active in the ribs. Hazard and Benzema come to the midfield to receive the ball. The three-line vertical connection is relatively close. The local three-pass and two-pass are very skillful. Real Madrid easily The game was incorporated into its own rhythm. While actively organizing offensive positions, Real Madrid is also working hard to create fast break opportunities. Compared to high-post presses that consume more physical energy, Real Madrid's forward group is better at defensive counterattacks. Bell and Vinicius started from the two wings, Modric, F. Valverde and Hazard can all dribble the ball in the middle. Real Madrid have many counter-attack channels, and Mallorca can't defend.


Last season can be regarded as the turning point of Real Madrid's localization + youth strategy. During his tenure, Solari supported many young players including Vinicius, Reggie Llorente and Marcos Llorente. In the era of Lopetegui Vazquez, who is not reusable, also gets a lot of opportunities. After Zidane took office, he completed a major adjustment to his youth and localization strategy. Marcos Llorente and Reguiron left the team. Vazquez returned to the bench. Only Vinicius had more of the "Sor Family Army". Playing time.

上赛季可以看作是皇马本地化+青年战略的转折点。在他任职期间,索拉里为包括Vinicius,Reggie Llorente和Marcos Llorente在内的许多年轻球员提供了支持。在不可重复使用的Lopetegui Vazquez时代,也获得了很多机会。齐达内上任后,他完成了对年轻人和本地化策略的重大调整。 Marcos Llorente和Reguiron离开了团队。巴斯克斯回到了替补席。只有维尼修斯拥有更多的“索尔家族军”。上场时间。

At the beginning of the season, Vinicius's performance on the field was still the same. After scoring a key goal in the national derby in the second round, the Brazilian's confidence increased. He began to have an epiphany in shooting and his handling of the ball after the breakthrough became more and more. reasonable. Zidane helped Casemiro and Asensio make great progress when he coached for the first time, and the jade Vinicius is his next goal.


Real Madrid took the lead early, and the players performed more and more freely on the court. Ramos, who escaped the game against Real Sociedad, was particularly active. In past games, Casemiro would insert into the penalty area from time to time to play a "temporary center" in sports battles, cooperating with Benzema to hit the goal. After F. Valverde took the post, Casemiro stayed more in the backcourt, and he would only move forward frequently when he couldn't start the situation (such as against Sevilla).

皇家马德里早早取得了领先,球员们在球场上的表现越来越自由。拉莫斯在与皇家社会的比赛中逃过一劫,尤其活跃。在过去的比赛中,Casemiro会不时插入罚球区,在体育比赛中扮演“临时中锋”,与Benzema合作达到目标。瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)上任后,卡塞米罗(Casemiro)留在后场更多,只有在无法开始局势时(例如对塞维利亚),他才会经常前进。

In this campaign, Mallorca’s two wing guards were suppressed by Real Madrid’s powerful wing. The offensive advancement was almost all launched from the middle rib. Ramos continued to rush to support the midfielder. After stealing the ball, he did not stop in place, but Take advantage of the trend and move forward. In the 56th minute, Ramos struck a dead corner with a free kick, and Real Madrid took a two-goal lead.


In the 60th minute, F. Valverde made a mistake in the backcourt and Mallorca launched a fast attack on the spot to form a shot. Zidane reacted quickly and replaced the third midfielder with Kroos to ease the pressure on F. Valverde. Although he has good pressing ability and can also take the ball out, F. Valverde's sense of defensive position, ability to intercept the ball in a single defense state, and grasp of the timing of passing and taking are still not enough for an excellent midfielder. Level, he is more suitable for "running and playing" B2B or side midfield roles. In his previous visit to Mestalla, Zidane had placed F. Valverde in the midfield position. This time, the effect of this attempt was mediocre. This may accelerate the introduction of Real Madrid into Camawenga or Kanter. plan of.

第60分钟,瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)在后场犯了一个错误,马洛卡当场发动快速进攻,将球击出。齐达内迅速做出反应,用克鲁斯代替了第三名中场球员,以减轻对瓦尔韦德的压力。尽管F. Valverde的压制能力强,也可以带球出击,但对于出色的中场球员来说,F。Valverde的防守感,在单个防守状态下接球的能力以及对传球和接球时机的把握仍然不够。 。从级别上来说,他更适合“奔跑”的B2B或中场角色。齐达内在之前对梅斯塔拉的访问中曾将瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)置于中场位置。这次,这种尝试的效果中等。这可能会加速将皇家马德里引入卡马温加或坎特。计划。

F. Valverde is not suitable for sitting in front of the defense, but he is a good player in other positions in the midfield. Zidane attaches great importance to midfield, Real Madrid's top priority is to strengthen the striker, the new force that can take care of these two tasks is F. Valverde. As a trendy "half midfielder", F. Valverde is more capable of side movement than the average B2B midfielder, and has more athletic ability than most side midfielders. Valverde’s upper position has caused a great impact on J Luo and Isco. The former has just squandered a rare performance opportunity and has entered the countdown to leave the team. The latter has a bright future because of its ability to play an important role in the diamond 442 system. .

F. Valverde不适合坐在防守端,但他是中场其他位置的好球员。齐达内非常重视中场,皇马的头等大事是加强前锋,能够处理这两项任务的新力量是瓦尔韦德。作为一个时髦的“半亚愽app竞猜平台场中场球员”,F。Valverde比一般的B2B中场球员具有更强的侧向移动能力,并且比大多数边上中场更具运动能力。瓦尔韦德(Valverde)的上层职位对罗杰(J Luo)和伊斯科(Isco)产生了重大影响。前者浪费了难得的表现机会,进入倒数计时离开了球队。后者具有光明的前景,因为它有能力在442号钻石系统中发挥重要作用。 。

From the beginning of Lopetegui's coaching, Real Madrid has lost the ability to compete for multiple championships. Solari's concept of "Don't Abandon, Don't Give Up" is of course enthusiastic, but it also made Real Madrid pay a heavy price of nothing. After the "Galaxy III" came into force, Zidane has repeatedly hinted that the fundamentals of the team's competition is the league, the team is temporarily unable to attack multiple lines, the Copa del Rey was eliminated by the Real Sociedad and the Champions League round of 16 lost to Manchester City in the first round This is the proof. However, the sudden change of the schedule gave Real Madrid the opportunity to revise its strategic plan. They can take care of the league and the Champions League in a single-line rhythm.


The Champions League opponent Manchester City are in good shape, Zidane needs to complete the tactical reserve ahead of time in the league, which is one of the reasons why he is still risking a big rotation in the near future. Ronaldo and Militang have failed, but Vinicius, Bell and Asensio performed well. These players are all-rounders who can attack and defend. In recent years of the Champions League strong dialogue, teams that value the striker generally have achieved good results. Zidane has accepted this concept in the final stage of his first term, and he still insists after entering the palace. Real Madrid The new round of tactical construction is getting better.


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