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亚愽app竞猜平台|中锋全伤害苦瓜帅!无D席曼城丢掉看家本领 丁丁单核带队太难了
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Beijing time on October 4th, Manchester City 1-1 draw with Leeds United away. In the whole game, Blue Moon shot 23 times, but only 2 shots were made and only 1 goal was scored. It was Sterling who scored the goal. He played a single arrow alone to support the forward banner, but after all, he was not a true center. Guardiola's team failed to score the second goal, not surprising!


The injuries of Aguero and Jesus Jesus are a very serious blow to Manchester City, which cannot be described too much. They are not traditional high centers, but the ability to spoil and grab points in the penalty area-especially Aguero-is beyond the reach of "pseudo centers".

阿奎罗(Aguero)和耶稣(Jesus Jesus)的受伤是对曼彻斯特城的非常严重的打击,不能过多描述。他们不是传统的高中锋,但是在禁区(特别是阿圭罗)破坏和抢分的能力超出了“伪中锋”的范围。

Without them, Manchester City's "fate gate" would be easily held by opponents. This is how Leicester City played: Letting Blue Moon open the two sides and lock the penalty area in the middle, after getting the ball, he immediately counterattacked and stabbed Manchester City with 5 goals. Unlike Leicester City, Leeds United still has a brave high position, but after returning to halftime, the strategy is still the same, Manchester City can't attack at all.


Sterling's goals occurred in the penalty area, two fatal errors from the Leeds United goalkeeper and defender; so far last season, he has scored 34 goals in all competitions, the most in the Premier League during the same period. But of Manchester City's 23 shots, nearly half were outside the penalty area. Where is Leeds United? With 12 shots, only 2 of them were outside the penalty area. Blue Moon made as many as 20 crosses, more than his opponent, but what about this? There is no return.

斯特林的进球发生在禁区内,这是利兹联队守门员和后卫的两个致命失误;上赛季迄今,他在所有比赛中均打入34球,是同期英超联赛中最高的。但是在曼彻斯特城的23球中,将近一半不在罚球区。利兹联在哪里? 12杆中只有2杆在罚球区外。蓝月亮发了多达20个十字架,比他的对手还要多,但是这怎么办?没有回报。

It has to be said that in addition to no center available, the unlocking ability of Manchester City's positional battle has indeed declined. After David Silva left, De Bruyne led the team with a single core, which was more strenuous and lacked good helpers. Phil Foden is still very immature, unable to come forward at critical moments; Bernardo Silva has fallen sharply since last season; new aid Ferran Torres has not yet been able to adapt to the Premier League. Own strength.

必须说,除了没有可用的中心外,曼城定位战的解锁能力确实有所下降。大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)离开后,德·布鲁因(De Bruyne)以单一核心领导团队,该亚愽app竞猜平台核心更加艰苦且缺乏好帮手。菲尔·佛登(Phil Foden)仍然很不成熟,无法在关键时刻站出来。自上个赛季以来,贝尔纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)曾大幅下跌。新援费兰·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)尚未能够适应英超联赛。自己的力量。

In the summer window this year, Manchester City’s main attack direction is the defensive line. Diaz and Ake have been introduced, and Ferran Torres has been bought in the frontcourt. Looking at it now, it seems that it is still not enough. The summer transfer window is about to close. I am afraid that there will be no more signings for the coaches. They can only rely on the lineup of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the first three rounds to compete with Liverpool-difficult, too difficult!

在今年夏天的窗户上,曼城的主要进攻方向是防守线。已经介绍了Diaz和Ake,并在前场购买了Ferran Torres。现在看,似乎还不够。夏季转乘窗口即将关闭。恐怕教练再也不会签约了。他们只能依靠前三轮的1胜1平1负的阵容来与利物浦竞争,这太困亚愽app竞猜平台难了!

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